The coaches that we hire are governed by the Sporting Event (Control of Alcohol etc) Act 1985, which means that anyone who has alcohol in their possession whilst travelling on a coach that is principally being used to take people to or from a match is guilty of an offence. Police have the powers to order that coach back home, and can also inform the Traffic Commissioner, which means that the coach operator, the coach driver and also potentially CUSA could face action. None of that is where we want to be so we will keep on telling people, because the CUSA has always had a good reputation with the authorities and we do not want that to change so that coaches are met and searched either at or before we reach the stadium 





Huge congratulations to Arthur Read, a stand out player for the U's this season

Incredible performances and superb work. The U’s would have been done and dusted long ago without him. Arthur rightly wins our 2 Player of the Season trophies

CUSA Committee - The Future

Members will be aware that the CUSA is managed by a committee of
volunteers, who once elected, can work in that position for a period of
2 years without needing to seek re-election at the intermediate Annual
General Meeting

With grateful thanks, we now have 7 committee members on board and as
part of their activities, you will see them, amongst other things,
either writing programme notes, looking after the finances, processing
our annual membership or looking after our members on the coach trips to
the U's away games

At the 2023 AGM it was made known that several of the current committee
would probably not be seeking re-election at the 2025 AGM, and might
even be standing down before such time anyway

Voluntary work is not for everyone as all of our day to day pressures
and demands take away time that can be used for such things, however it
is important that people do stick their hand up and get involved because
otherwise many of the things that we love to take part in just simply
would not happen

Without dusting off a pile of old minutes it is hard to be precise, but
I think I was elected to the CUSA Committee close to 30 years ago. Times
were vastly different back then, both within the committee and also in
terms of our work with the football club

It is the future that is important to us now. The future of the
independent Colchester United Supporters Association and the future of
Colchester United Football Club

If you feel that you would be interested in playing a role in that
future then I would strongly encourage you to contact us as soon as
possible please. Maybe you already have ideas about how the CUSA can
move forward in the future, or just feel that you could commit to one of
the activities I have already mentioned?

Thank you

Jon Burns Chairman



We have been asked by ITV News Anglia to see if our members could kindly this short survey - it covers a wide range of disabilities including hearing and vision

Disabled Access Satisfaction Survey



IMPORTANT - in conjunction with Colchester United, the CUSA operates a Safeguarding Policy for under 18's when they are travelling with us on our organised coaches. We kindly ask our under 18 members, together with their parent/guardian to also complete and return the Registration Form which can be found on our Membership page, and to read and understand the Safeguarding Policy, also on the Membership page
Please be aware that for your protection and ours, the CUSA will not be able to accept under 16's on the coach without a parent/guardian accompanying them

A reminder that you will need to be a CUSA member to travel with us. Please don't worry though, as we can take membership forms on the day we travel. To book or to make enquires about coach travel please either email CUSA at away_travel@cusa.co.uk or message anytime Jon Burns 07752 531600 or Malcolm Cole 07901 612063, or call between 7 pm and 9 pm and leave a message



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