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Trevor Bailey
Chris Porter

I fully concur with Brian Diggle's comments.Chris Porter is the epitome of a good honest professional who plys his trade with a minimum of fuss game after game. Incidentally, it's good to hear from Brian with whom I played in the Prettygate school football team back in 1961-62. If I remember correctly, Brian scored the newly formed team's first ever goal!

Mike Heaps
Chris Porter

Just read Brian Diggle's comments about Chris Porter. Couldn't agree more. Chris works his socks off for the U's game after game, often with little support from team mates or referees. He has played through the pain barrier and is in double figures for the season. How many goals would we have scored since Kurtis Guthrie's injury without him ?

brian diggle

supported col u since 1962 and went to the game at crewe. although we lost I thought that some of the comments directed at chris porter were disgusting and un called for. I live in now and I hope to go to Morecombe to see if we can get a result there. I just hope that chris does not get the same abuse this time. he is a very good professional player and a credit to the club. well done to the manager who has done good getting the squad bonding .look foreward to the game at Morecombe.

Mike Heaps
Acccrington Trip

Good journeys, friendly natives, a fine afternoon and a new ground for most of us. Facilities left a lot to be desired, particularly the toilets and almost non-existent leg room. Warwick Davis might have been ok !
Poor first half and yet another injury. Will we see Denny again this season ? I think the combination of injuries to half the squad and number of games in quick succession is having a significant adverse impact. Fair play to John McGreal, not afraid to gamble with the 2 subs at half time both of whom played well. Matt and Brennan were starting to gel in the last 20 minutes, crosses nearly produced a point and I think it is worth persevering with. Also well done George, doing your best in difficult circumstances, but whatever you do don't get injured.

Kevan Fisher
Back The Boys

Horrible news regarding Tom Eastman wish him speedy full recovery. Hoping that Frankie Kent makes the starting eleven for tonights game against Crawley. Cruel injuries often open the doors for others to come in and shine. A tremendous gusty performance last Saturday from our team needs our support tonight. Lets all get behind Our Boys and cheer them on to another win.

Mike Heaps
Exeter Trip

Disappointing performance on a freezing afternoon. Was Brennan trying to play his own brand of street football ? Will forgive him as he has been a great asset to us this season. One positive, Hog Roast roll was excellent.
Serious de-icing on return to the WHCS. My windscreen even froze on the inside. Reminded me of the house I grew up in (those over 60 will know what I mean !)
Here's to a better result at Blackpool Mike

Phil Wolski
New CUSU website

Just a quick comment to congratulate those concerned. Much improved, and fitting as it coincides with the upturn in U's form.

Life's pretty good as a U's fans. Never thought I would ever say that again!

Mike Heaps
Newport Trip

Good journeys. Diabolical pitch
Spoke to a steward before the game who told me that they had spent £500,000 on drainage and pitch relaying since the start of the season. Problems are caused by having 2 rugby and 1 other football team using the pitch and drainage from a new housing development. Apparently the groundsmen worked on the pitch after Friday night's rugby until midnight then came in again at 6 am.! Mike

Kevan Fisher
Paddington Bailey!

CUSA now have their own Paddington Bear. Trevor Bailey having missed the CUSA coach to Newport yesterday due to a motoring mishap made his own way to the game travelling by train. Catching the train from Paddington their was no refreshment menu so a marmalade sandwich would have been welcome. A hungry Trevor was congratulated on arriving at the ground 10 mins before kickoff. Now known as Paddington Bailey, Trevor is still on course to attend every ground in the league. Big thank you to all the CUSA members on the coach to Newport yesterday 52 in total and look forward to seeing you all next saturday on the trip to Exeter. Kevan F

Jon Burns

Big congratulations from the CUSA to U's gaffer John McGreal for his very deserved Manager of the Month award for December


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