We now have Year Bars available for season 2020-2021, these can be obtained for £3-50 each plus postage at £1-00. To place an order, please email badges@cusa.co.uk or text 07901 612063.

13 September 2020

Robbie Cowling has recently put out another update in which he explains why we have not been making new signings, with the exception of Tommy Smith and Shamal George 

CUSA understands and fully supports Robbies’ reasons for this approach as he endeavours to steer the club through these unprecedented and difficult times

13 September 2020


The FSA (Football  Supporters Association) have set up 5 principles which they are asking all clubs, trusts and supporters associations to sign up to. CUSA are in full agreement with the principles and have done so on behalf of the membership.

The 5 principles are :-

- Protect our clubs. Football clubs are community assets and an important expression of individual local identity, they deserve legal protection and urgent support to secure their future.

- Transparency. Everyone has a right to know who owns their club and how clubs and their authorities operate. Owners are custodians of the clubs on behalf of all of us.

- Financial controls. Fans want rules with real teeth which are independently enforced, clubs and leagues cannot be left to regulate themselves.

- Strengthen the pyramid. Football as a whole is wealthy but we need a smarter and fairer use of money in the game to encourage sustainability.

- Supporter engagement. Fans are the lifeblood of the game, they need a voice in their clubs and on all issues that affect them and their communities.

29 August 2020

In normal times we would be organising coaches for fans so that they could support the U's around the country. As we all know, these are not normal times, and whilst it is hoped that sometime in October, a number of home fans will be allowed into stadiums to watch football again, it remains to be seen if "away" fans will be permitted to travel and attend games at some point later in the season.

With that in mind we made contact with our friendly coach provider, Roman Coaches, recently. Obviously and very sadly they are having a really tough time of things, and for the foreseeable future any coach travel will take on a much different picture with hand sanitisers, face masks and restricted numbers being part of the many protocols involved. That said, when the time comes where we can offer to coach U's fans around the UK again, then between our two organisations, we will endeavour to provide the safest and best service possible

28 August 2020

And another big welcome to Shamal George after his 13 years at Liverpool FC. Likewise, certainly looking forward to you playing a massive part in our fight for promotion

25 August 2020

Welcome to the U's Tommy Smith - looking forward to seeing you play, whether on the old laptop or actually in person at some point. Good luck and here's hoping that you have a highly successful season

25 July 2020

CUSA Membership for season 2020-2021

At this time of year, we would normally have sent out renewals for membership and would meet many of you at the Open Day. This of course has not been possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic 

With this in mind, CUSA would like to offer our own version of “Bounce Back” to all of our members.

For season 2020/2021 all of our 1,000 + members registered for 2019/2020, will automatically have membership renewed at no cost.

Current membership cards remain valid for another twelve months expiring 31/07/2021.

If you have changed any of your contact details such as address, phone or email, would you please forward details to membership@cusa.co.uk

Any brand new members will be charged the current rates which can be found on the membership page of the website or by contacting us via the above email address

25 July 2020

An appeal of sorts for help please

With grateful thanks for all of the so generous and gracious donations of football programmes over the years, both U’s and otherwise, including our most recent batch from CUSA FC goalkeeper Dan Roberts, the CUSA now has a collection that probably exceeds five figures

Whilst we are always open for business and keen to bridge the gap in any U’s supporters own collection, and don’t forget that our catalogue can be found on our website, we do have somewhat of a storage dilemma

At present they are safe, all boxed up in a kind committee members garage, which needless to say means that he has little room for anything else, especially his automobile, so our appeal is to ask that if any member has or knows of a reasonably local empty place of storage which is safe and waterproof that we could use, for maybe even a minimal cost, please could you contact Malcolm Cole, CUSA Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary

Please note (when normality returns) - we will be situated in the U's Supporters Bar next to Hot Shots before every U's game to take coach bookings, membership, programme enquiries and anything else we can help our members with
Please note (when away coach travel is possible again) - in conjunction with Colchester United, the CUSA operates a Safeguarding Policy for under 18's when they are travelling with us on our organised coaches. We kindly ask our under 18 members, together with their parent/guardian to also complete and return the Registration Form which can be found on our Membership page, and to read and understand the Safeguarding Policy, also on the Membership page
Please be aware that for your protection and ours, the CUSA will not be able to accept under 16's on the coach without a parent/guardian accompanying them 














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