7 June 2021

Jackie Anderson

Extremely sad and truly devastated that dear Jackie Anderson has lost her brave battle with illness. 25 years of volunteering with the CUSA is a remarkable achievement and should not be under-estimated, nor will it ever be forgotten. We have all lost a wonderful friend and a devoted U's fan, and the thoughts, prayers and sincerest condolences of the association go out to Robbie, Helen, Richie and the whole family

26 May 2021

CUSA Player of the Season 2020-2021

With grateful thanks to all of our members who voted for the favourite player from the past, the Colchester United Supporters Association is delighted to announce that our Player of the Season for 2020-2021 is Tom Eastman

Tom has been incredibly consistent for the U's over many years, with last season being no different, and as he has now won numerous CUSA awards during his time here, we will be making a special presentation to him in honour of his success and loyalty once the new season and normality resumes

Our members also showed their appreciation for many other players with their votes this time, with Brendan Wiredu claiming second place in the voting, and jointly in third, Ryan Clampin and Noah Chilvers

Congratulations Tom, and we very much look forward to watching you back in action soon

The U's football league survival is secured

With much relief the U's have avoided the drop down into the National League by winning their last 3 home games under the stewardship of Hayden Mullins and Paul Tisdale. Thank you to both of them, and to all of players who played their part in making it happen. Now it is time to reflect and rebuild so that next season can be much more productive and of course much more enjoyable for the fans who will hopefully be allowed back into stadiums again


We would like to recommend this article as written by an Exeter City supporter and passed our way by the excellent FSA

Colchester v Leeds limited edition badge

13th February 1971 will be a date that all Colchester United fans will be familiar with, as it is of course the day that the U’s played Leeds United in the F. A. Cup and against all the odds were victorious.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, CUSA have had a matchday badge designed which shows the two club badges of the era in full colour and the date and competition listed. 

This will be a limited edition badge with just 100 being produced and priced at £3-50 each plus postage at £1-00. If you would like to pre-order and have one reserved you can do so by emailing your details to badges@cusa.co.uk or text 07901 612063

CUSA Membership for season 2020-2021

At this time of year, we would normally have sent out renewals for membership and would meet many of you at the Open Day. This of course has not been possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic 

With this in mind, CUSA would like to offer our own version of “Bounce Back” to all of our members.

For season 2020/2021 all of our 1,000 + members registered for 2019/2020, will automatically have membership renewed at no cost.

Current membership cards remain valid for another twelve months expiring 31/07/2021.

If you have changed any of your contact details such as address, phone or email, would you please forward details to membership@cusa.co.uk

Any brand new members will be charged the current rates which can be found on the membership page of the website or by contacting us via the above email address

Help please

With grateful thanks for all of the so generous and gracious donations of football programmes over the years, both U’s and otherwise, the CUSA now has a collection that probably exceeds five figures

Whilst we are always open for business and keen to bridge the gap in any U’s supporters own collection, and don’t forget that our catalogue can be found on our website, we do have somewhat of a storage dilemma

At present they are safe, all boxed up in a kind committee members garage, which needless to say means that he has little room for anything else, especially his automobile, so our appeal is to ask that if any member has or knows of a reasonably local empty place of storage which is safe and waterproof that we could use, for maybe even a minimal cost, please could you contact Malcolm Cole, CUSA Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary

Please note (when normality returns) - we will be situated in the U's Supporters Bar next to Hot Shots before every U's game to take coach bookings, membership, programme enquiries and anything else we can help our members with
Please note (when away coach travel is possible again) - in conjunction with Colchester United, the CUSA operates a Safeguarding Policy for under 18's when they are travelling with us on our organised coaches. We kindly ask our under 18 members, together with their parent/guardian to also complete and return the Registration Form which can be found on our Membership page, and to read and understand the Safeguarding Policy, also on the Membership page
Please be aware that for your protection and ours, the CUSA will not be able to accept under 16's on the coach without a parent/guardian accompanying them 














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