CUSA Away Match Travel Information

How to book a coach seat   Departures & pick up points   Cancellation   Rules, regulations and laws

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COACH DEPARTS THE JOBSERVE COMMUNITY STADIUM AT 7.00AM (Braintree pick up available upon request)



CUSA Safeguarding Policy for Under 18's

  • In conjunction with Colchester United, the CUSA operates a Safeguarding Policy for under 18's when they are travelling with us on our organised coaches. We kindly ask our under 18 members, together with their parent/guardian to also complete and return the Registration Form which can be found on our Membership page, and to read and understand the Safeguarding Policy, also on the Membership page
  • Please be aware that for your protection and ours, the CUSA will not be able to accept under 16's on the coach without a parent/guardian accompanying them 



How to book a coach seat

  • Visit the CUSA at the Jobserve Community Stadium - at the moment this is within the South Stand concourse until about 30 mins before kick off

  • Email CUSA at

  • Call Jon Burns 07752 531600 or Malcolm Cole 07901 612063 between 7 pm and 9 pm or Text at any time

  • You must be a CUSA member to travel on these coaches. You may join the CUSA at the time of booking. If you are booking more than one seat, all persons travelling must hold current membership. 


Departures & pick up points

  • The coaches depart from outside the main stand at the Jobserve Community Stadium. Parking is kindly permitted in the CUFC main car park unless otherwise notified. 

  • Committee Members will either collect monies before we leave or during the trip, or from the Hot Shots Coffee Shop as required. Toilet facilities are usually available in Hot Shots before we leave and on board the coach during the journey.

  • The coaches will leave promptly at the published time. If you are delayed, call Jon as soon as possible to discuss options.

  • If joining the coach at Braintree, the pick up point will be at the bus stop on the north bound carriageway of the B1018, near the car sales garage. For a map showing the Braintree pick up point please follow this link: Map of Braintree Pick Up Point (The pick up point is marked B on the map).

  • If joining the coach at Witham, the pick up point will be at the south-west bound bus stop in Newland Street (the B1389), outside the Old Post Office, just before the right hand junction with Collingwood Road. For a map showing the Witham pick up point please follow this link: Map of Witham Pick Up Point (The pick up point is marked B on the map).

  • On most journeys of 2hrs or more, the coach will stop at least once on the outbound leg and once on the return leg. The steward will advise of the length of stay at the service station on arrival.

  • After the game please return to the coach immediately.



We continuously try to keep prices at an acceptable level. Therefore, can members who have booked a coach seat and then find that they are unable to travel, call or text Jon or Jackie on the numbers above immediately so that we may cancel coaches that we do not need or re-allocate the seat if possible.

The CUSA committee has decided that where a member persistently fails to turn up having booked coach travel then that member will not be guaranteed a seat in future until the fare for that journey has been paid. 


Rules, regulations & laws

  • No alcohol may be taken on board a coach. This hasn't been a problem for the CUSA stewards, but please be aware that there are Laws governing this. The police are empowered to search a coach and stop it from continuing it's journey should alcohol be found. To be specific, Section 27 from the Violent Crime Reduction Act of 2006 gives police power to serve banning orders on the spot, to whole groups of supporters, whether an offence has been committed or not. It allows police to move someone from a specified area for a period of up to 48 hours. No offence needs to have been committed for the act to be enforced: the legislation gives police the power to move on people who they say pose a risk of alcohol-related disorder.

  • Hot food must not be brought onto the coach without permission of the driver.

  • If you do not intend to continue a journey or make your way home after a game by other means, please inform a CUSA Steward.

  • The Stewards will have bags available to collect rubbish.

  • Please obey instructions from your Stewards to ensure safe passage and prompt departure times.

  • It is a legal requirement to wear a seat-belt where there is one fitted.