About CUSA

Colchester United Supporters Association


Chairman: Jon Burns - (enquiries@cusa.co.uk)


The CUSA is an independent organisation formed in 1995, and run entirely by volunteer fans of Colchester United.

On behalf of our members and for their benefit, the CUSA aims to continue the varied work and communication with the football club and other bodies. By fostering these successful links and providing services to our members, the CUSA looks to further enhance the experience of following Colchester United.

For the official Colchester United Football Club website please follow this link: C.U.F.C. Official Website



The Committee

The committee is elected every two years.

The current committee was elected at the AGM November 2021 and will serve until the 2023 AGM.

 Chairman  Jon Burns 
 Vice Chairman  Malcolm Cole
 Secretary  Liam Buffey
 Travel Secretary  Jon Burns
 Treasurer  Ian Edmonds
 Membership Secretary  Malcolm Cole
 Members  Malcolm Bailey
   Graham White
   Ollie Mattock
   Sam Wolton
   Trevor Bailey
   Keith Blaxall



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